Friday, February 3, 2012

Gypsy Bags and Rags

These one of a kind bags are made from second hand clothing. Each one is unique and has it's own character. Linen, vintage lace, hand- made lace,  hand- turned roses, and crocheted  doilies adorne the bags to make each one of them a work of art.

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 I also have a blog about my sustainable vegetable farm and CSA located in Southern Utah. 

     HOBO JOE TRAVLIN BAG     $ 85.00 (SOLD)

An extra large bag.  Just toss in a change of clothes, a good book and a map and run away for the day.

Lots of hand crocheted lace, a pocket from an old pair of jeans that is just right to hold your cell phone.

This bag is romantic and "girly".


linen overalls trimmed in light denim

lots of extra pockets in the front

ROWS OF RUFFLES AND LACE    ($60.00)   sorry this bag is sold

Vintaqge 5 inch ruffled lace and hand made roses.  This bag will make you feel like a princess.

TRIMMED IN PINK   ($55.00)

This linen bag has a pink edged doily, pink fringe and pink ribbon, and tea-stained lace.  It is lined with pink cotton.  Corduroy  pocket and hand turned roses make this a delicate, all occasion bag. 

DENIM POCKET        ($58.00)

This bag has several hand crocheted doilies, hand creweled embroidery, and hand turned roses.  The large denim pocket is great to tuck in your sunglasses, coin purse or anything you need to find in a hurry.

Lots of detail in this bag.  Making it a colorful addition to casual  jeans and shirt.

TASSELEDE ROSE      $65.00 (sorry this bag is sold)

This bag is one of my favorites.  Hand crochet doily, tea-stained lace , lots of hand-turned roses, buttons and gathered lace ruffles.

 I have  more bags in the works. Please check back often.  Thank-you.   Happy Ramblins!


Gypsy Rose and pearls   $45.00    (sold)

Crochet top from the 70's era.  Large,  gold, hand-crocheted doily.  Ruffle around the base with silk roses and pearls.

                               Razzle-Dazzel  $35.00 plus shipping

This hand-beaded top is dark blue with sheer beaded sleeves.  A ruffle from a  1950's outfit is attached to the bottom.  Hand-turned rose and glitter button makes this a super cute top.  Size approx 14.

                                        Purple Jacket  $25.00 plus shipping

Blue leather fringe,  leather hearts and beaded lace make this a classy casual jacket.

                     Black Velvet Jacket  $25.00  plus shipping

Vintage flower pin and ruffles from an old wedding dress.  This jacket is very dressy or wear with a pair of jeans.
Check back often more items are in the sewing room!!!