Thursday, August 10, 2017


On August 23rd and 24th, I have been invited to set up camp at Rockin Robin's vintage store in Vernal.  I will be there giving tours of my remodeled 1965 Vintage Avion Trailer and selling  unique vintage items, my hand-made gypsy bags, one of a kind gypsy style clothing, and my original oil paintings.
  Hours are 10:00 a.m. til 6:00 p.m.

This is a before picture after we had gutted all the worn out cabinets and walls.

 The bathroom before:


Y'ALL come by and see us!

August 23rd and 24th
10:00 til 6:00
west hwy. 40
located just east of the movie theater

Thursday, July 13, 2017

My Kitchen Prayer

 While hunting for treasures in an old dusty thrift store, I found this vintage kitchen prayer plaque. It imediately brought back so many happy memories of my Grandmother's kitchen.  

One just like this hung on my grandmother's wall, so all who entered into her kitchen could read it.  My Grandma was a wonderful baker.  The smell of  donuts rising, and fresh bread baking are some of my fondest memories.  Grandma would give us a call and say she had just pulled the bread from the oven.  She lived just through the lot and we would scamper over immediately. Instead of cutting the bread the traditional way, she would slice the bread along the long edge, giving me the 10 inch piece of crust (my favorite).  I would smother it in real butter and drizzle dark, rich molasses over-top. MUMMMMM, a favorite memory that money couldn't buy. 

My kitchen prayer sits in a south window above the sink, as I don't have any wall space in my current kitchen.  Each day while doing the dishes, I can read it's timeless message, recall fond memories, and hopefully create some that my family will remember years from now.  Yes, when I bake bread, the loaves are cut the long, length-wise, slathered with real butter and drizzled with rich, dark molasses. I just wish the grand kids didn't live so very, very, far away.  

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


A journal can be filled with thoughts, goals, art, moments in time to remember and cherish.
  A journal captures the small everyday happenings that can easily be forgotten if they
 are not written or recorded in some way.
I made myself a large stack of journals, each one is different and unique.  
 The generic, lined journals I had purchased to write in, sat unfilled on the shelf. 
 I needed something that would draw me to it, enticing me to fill the pages.
 This journal has a peacock theme running through out.

I chose to use papers that reflect the beautiful colors of a peacock, blues, greens, purple,
 and turquoise.

Torn pages from old calendars can be added.

Note cards, glued in and embellished, add interest.

Loose papers can be held in with craft-sized clothes pins, or large paper clips.

It is bound together by punching 5 equal distanced holes, and threading cotton twine through the holes.  I will fill the journal with thoughts, things I am grateful for, hopes, dreams, doodles, recipes, and moments in times that will someday be a treasured memory.

One of the journals I made into my 2017 calendar

Simply draw in the months of the year.

Extra papers for notes or lists of things to do.  Envelopes are glued in, slip in important receipts or mementos.

Use a unique, hand-made journal to record your travels and wanderings.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Second-Hand Treasures

Over the past year I have acquired a few second-hand, thrift store finds 
to go in our 1965 Avion camp trailer.  

A water pitcher and bowl for washing hands. 

 I also needed a table in the trailer. and when I found a matching pair of drop-leaf end tables, I purchased them hoping one would fit in the space between the counter and the bed. It fit perfectly!  The table is easily moved outside when camping for several days, or moved over in front of the bench when we are eating inside. 

Utensils will be stored in the drawer.

This glass pitcher with a copper handle and lid, holds my drinking water.
I can add a lighted candle underneath and warm water for tea if desired.  

Here is my favorite find, an antique, early 1900's seal skin suitcase.

The interior is in pristine condition. 

A perfect place to store my favorite vintage western shirt and fringed jacket.

I purchased it from

I just received an email from
Claudia, the proprietor of Old Red Hen Vintage.
 She has generously offered my readers
 a coupon for 10% off your order from her wonderfully, unique store.
Add this coupon code VIP10 to your order when ordering.
I know you will find something great.  She has a good variety of vintage, and antique items.

Monday, March 13, 2017

A Painting a Day............,I'm going to try

Quickly painted this little vignette this morning.  I have made a goal to make a painting 5 days a week for the next 6 months. 
Hopefully I will......well maybe........if I don't get side tracked.,,,, 

I have a new art studio.  A room just off the kitchen in our rental. A space to create, tucked away from the hub-bub of every day life.  Hopefully I can escape there for several hours each day and make or paint something wonderful.

I am currently working on a portrait of my daughter.  I am debating if she will be holding a chicken or flowers in her arms.  What do you think?

A school ceramic project signed by the artist holds extra brushes.

A vintage desk lamp was a great find!

Captured these flowers in the yard before the weather changed. 

I have a note book and quickly sketch people as they as sitting quietly in church.  It is good practice to try to capture the essence of an individual in just a few short minutes.  Also doodling helps me retain what the speakers are saying.

I also take notes.

Blanket Flowers.

I like to paint flowers!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Marriage Proposal

My son came home from college the end of July.  He planned to spent the next five months living at home and working to save money for his next year of schooling.  At college he had been dating a beautiful, sweet gal from Indiana.  By October he had decided to ask her for her hand in marriage, but he needed a special, cost efficient way to do so. 

He decided that the small green house that sits on the west side of the house could be just the perfect place.  

Cedar 4x4's were placed on the dirt for support.  He then purchased pine planks to screw down on the cedar posts making a sturdy walk-way and an area big enough for a small table and chairs.

After the floor was stained and dry, he and his younger brother raided my stash of vintage linens and hung them strategically, creating a romantic spot for a proposal.

He spent a couple of hours sanding and repainting the old vintage metal patio chairs.  Then rummaged through my material stash to find the right fabric to cover the original, old, ripped, blue vinyl chair seats.

Wanting to hang one of my vintage brass and crystal chandeliers, but deciding the roof wouldn't hold the weight, he attached this wall sconce instead.

A wonderful dinner was cooked and served by his younger brother all decked out in a tuxedo, and a sparkly silver sash and bow tie.

By the way she said, "YES" and we are so excited to add her to our family!

This summer we will hook on our 1965 Vintage Avion camp trailer and head cross country to Indiana for a wedding reception. I can hardly wait!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fall Art Festivals

I loaded up my vintage trailer, left instructions for the last of the year's CSA deliveries with my husband and boys, gathered up all my art supplies and hit the road for a wonderful couple of weeks spent hiking and painting in some of the most beautiful scenery available.  I attended 2 festivals, one in Escalante and the other in Moab.

I saw this old Chevy sitting in a yard in Torrey, Utah.  I stopped and quickly painted it in watercolor. Someone purchased it, I hope it was an old Farmer and it reminded him of one of his old trucks. 

One afternoon artists were invited to a beautiful yard owned by one of the art patrons.  I painted this waterfall.  Loved the bright blue pot.

Sitting in the parking lot of a local church, I quickly captured the majestic vista.  Using bold strokes and colors I was able to simplify the details.  This painting sold just 10 minutes after the art show opened.

One competition of the Moab festival is a downtown paint out.  The artists pick a spot and have a time frame of 2 hours to complete a painting.  One of my fellow artists across the road painted me, painting.


 Here is my quick painting inspired by some fellow window shopping.

I stopped at my friend DONNA'S booth at the local farmers market in Escalante.  We go way back, I first met her years ago when we both had booths in another market.

Some of Donna's beautiful, organic produce.

Of course I stopped in at the local thrift store!

Spending a couple of weeks in my 1965 vintage trailer, hiking and painting in the great outdoors is so wonderfully rejuvenating.

Thanks to all those who work so hard to make the Festivals a great success.  As always I had an amazing time!