Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fall Art Festivals

I loaded up my vintage trailer, left instructions for the last of the year's CSA deliveries with my husband and boys, gathered up all my art supplies and hit the road for a wonderful couple of weeks spent hiking and painting in some of the most beautiful scenery available.  I attended 2 festivals, one in Escalante and the other in Moab.

I saw this old Chevy sitting in a yard in Torrey, Utah.  I stopped and quickly painted it in watercolor. Someone purchased it, I hope it was an old Farmer and it reminded him of one of his old trucks. 

One afternoon artists were invited to a beautiful yard owned by one of the art patrons.  I painted this waterfall.  Loved the bright blue pot.

Sitting in the parking lot of a local church, I quickly captured the majestic vista.  Using bold strokes and colors I was able to simplify the details.  This painting sold just 10 minutes after the art show opened.

One competition of the Moab festival is a downtown paint out.  The artists pick a spot and have a time frame of 2 hours to complete a painting.  One of my fellow artists across the road painted me, painting.


 Here is my quick painting inspired by some fellow window shopping.

I stopped at my friend DONNA'S booth at the local farmers market in Escalante.  We go way back, I first met her years ago when we both had booths in another market.

Some of Donna's beautiful, organic produce.

Of course I stopped in at the local thrift store!

Spending a couple of weeks in my 1965 vintage trailer, hiking and painting in the great outdoors is so wonderfully rejuvenating.

Thanks to all those who work so hard to make the Festivals a great success.  As always I had an amazing time!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Beautiful Reflections

This beautiful mirror resides on top of my old antique dresser.  I make them out of a 4 inch circular mirror you can purchase at a craft store, an old sterling silver knife, and a good epoxy glue.  Rummage through your jewelry box, antique or thrift stores to find bits and pieces of long forgotten jewelry, beads, or trinkets.  Simply glue the knife onto the back of the mirror and then add the jewelry.  Let glue dry completely before picking up! 

Add items that have meaning in your life.  I love horses, dragonflies, flowers, vintage lapel pins, butterflies, and gardening.  I hung an anchor on the handle in honor of my wonderful husband who is my anchor, keeping me grounded when necessary, but giving me freedom also.

The large green flowers came off a broken necklace I found at a thrift store.

Add vintage earrings, the clip-on style are especially well suited for this project.  Use a pair of pliers to remove the clip before gluing.  Long, pierced earrings make interesting "charms" added to the handle.

These mirrors make excellent gifts for brides, or for Mother's Day. 
 Make one or several for yourself!