Thursday, July 13, 2017

My Kitchen Prayer

 While hunting for treasures in an old dusty thrift store, I found this vintage kitchen prayer plaque. It imediately brought back so many happy memories of my Grandmother's kitchen.  

One just like this hung on my grandmother's wall, so all who entered into her kitchen could read it.  My Grandma was a wonderful baker.  The smell of  donuts rising, and fresh bread baking are some of my fondest memories.  Grandma would give us a call and say she had just pulled the bread from the oven.  She lived just through the lot and we would scamper over immediately. Instead of cutting the bread the traditional way, she would slice the bread along the long edge, giving me the 10 inch piece of crust (my favorite).  I would smother it in real butter and drizzle dark, rich molasses over-top. MUMMMMM, a favorite memory that money couldn't buy. 

My kitchen prayer sits in a south window above the sink, as I don't have any wall space in my current kitchen.  Each day while doing the dishes, I can read it's timeless message, recall fond memories, and hopefully create some that my family will remember years from now.  Yes, when I bake bread, the loaves are cut the long, length-wise, slathered with real butter and drizzled with rich, dark molasses. I just wish the grand kids didn't live so very, very, far away.