Tuesday, March 28, 2017


A journal can be filled with thoughts, goals, art, moments in time to remember and cherish.
  A journal captures the small everyday happenings that can easily be forgotten if they
 are not written or recorded in some way.
I made myself a large stack of journals, each one is different and unique.  
 The generic, lined journals I had purchased to write in, sat unfilled on the shelf. 
 I needed something that would draw me to it, enticing me to fill the pages.
 This journal has a peacock theme running through out.

I chose to use papers that reflect the beautiful colors of a peacock, blues, greens, purple,
 and turquoise.

Torn pages from old calendars can be added.

Note cards, glued in and embellished, add interest.

Loose papers can be held in with craft-sized clothes pins, or large paper clips.

It is bound together by punching 5 equal distanced holes, and threading cotton twine through the holes.  I will fill the journal with thoughts, things I am grateful for, hopes, dreams, doodles, recipes, and moments in times that will someday be a treasured memory.

One of the journals I made into my 2017 calendar

Simply draw in the months of the year.

Extra papers for notes or lists of things to do.  Envelopes are glued in, slip in important receipts or mementos.

Use a unique, hand-made journal to record your travels and wanderings.


  1. So beautiful!
    How many pages do they hold, and do you have a good paper source?
    I would love to try it...

    1. Thank you Cara. The journals can hold anywhere from 8 full pages up to 15. The pages are folded in half, doubling the amount. I find that I prefer journals with 11 full pages (22 total). You can find paper in craft stores, discount stores, and thrift stores. Old cards, envelopes, junk mail, sheet music, wrappers, etc. can be used. Save any paper products that come into your home, you will be surprised what you can turn them into with a little creativity. Lately I have been saving all my milk cartons and other fancy boxed food and toilet items and making journals using them as covers. I especially like soap containers as the size is just right to slip into a purse or pocket and they smell great! Happy journaling.