Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Week or Two of Wandering

Loaded up little "Gypsy Rose"  and hit the road.  We had a destination in sight (meeting the kids in Mesa Verde National Park), but not a specific way to get there.  Found this beautiful camp spot high in the Colorado Rockies.  With a place to fish, tall pines, and a great camp host,  it was so beautiful we stayed for 3 days.....just because......... it was so beautiful.

As we traveled around we discovered a National Park we didn't know existed.  Black Canyon of the Gunnison.  Set up camp in the park for a couple of days, but hubby was a bit claustrophobic from staying in the camp trailer, so we set up our tent.  We were voted by the nightly camp strollers as the best camp!

I had purchased 20 of these mums on an after Memorial Day special.  Didn't have time to get them all planted before we left so they were thrown in the back of the vehicle and brightened up our camp table each day.

A friendly doe settled under a tree to get of the sun in the adjoining campground.

found a great second-hand junk store in a small town in New Mexico

Absolutely fell in love with this quaint home turned into a Vintage Store in Taos.

Met Virginia, an ole cowgirl who makes these wreaths.  We had a good visit, come to find out we had both lived in the same little town in California, just at different times.
She can be found every weekend at the Farmington, New Mexico Flea Market.  Stop by and say "Howdy".

I began making my own soap several years before I was married.  I even rendered the fat of hogs to make lard for the soap making process.  My college roommate's dad was a butcher, and provided me with all the tallow or fat I needed.  I appreciate the many soap makers who continue this time honored craft.  I  just had to stop and see this little store, it was filled to the brim with the most delicious soaps.  Had a real nice visit with the owner, Michelle, and purchased a couple of bars.  She gifted me this bar of soap as we were leaving.

Michelle grows many of the ingredients she puts in her soaps.
find her products here

She had these great mats on her floor, painted cardboard with  Sparkly stars!

When traveling, it is not always the places you go or see that make the trip memorable, but the beautiful people you meet along the way.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Found this old antique mirror several years ago.  I wanted to hang it in my bedroom, but it was extremely heavy and I didn't want it to come crashing down off the wall.  I wandered out through the farm looking for a solution and spied a rolled up section of rusty barbed wire in the "bone yard", a place where we keep all things you just might need on a farm.
"What if I just wrapped this old wire around the mirror"  I thought to myself.   Actually I probably said it out loud.  I do tend to talk to myself.  After several attempts I got it just right.  Added a few paper roses from the thrift store and now I have this beautiful, antique mirror with time worn corners and flaking back.  I wonder about the people that have been reflected from it's surface.  Were they happy, sad, a country doctor, a tall willowy figure adjusting her hat just so, or was it just an ordinary farm girl with large, square, work worn hands putting on her hat, in too big of a hurry to stop and look at herself?  The mirror reflecting the red glow of her sun burned nose, the color of her wind blown hair, and the shine from the buckle of her overalls as she hurried by on her way to milk the goats and tend to the vegetable gardens.

I wonder what will this mirror reflect in the future?
A grand-daughter checking her hair one last time before going to the prom, a new mom holding up her little one for it's first glimpse of who they can become, an old tired woman who has lived a wonderful, fulfilling life?
I  am filled with wonder of all the possibilities!