Thursday, August 25, 2016

Antique Brass Bed Frame

I have always wanted an ornate brass bed frame .  I have several of the old iron ones, but I continually kept my eye out for an ornate brass one.  I really would like to have one similar to what the Munsters have in their spiderweb filled bed-room, but those big ornate ones were just too much for my budget. Several years ago I found one that would do.

Everything pictured above was purchased in second hand thrift stores over the years.  

If you are familiar with antique beds, you realize that they are not made for a queen size mattress, so how do you address the dilemma of how to fit a queen sized mattress on a full size frame?

Well, sometimes you just have to improvise.

I suggested we take the cover off the box spring and put the frame together inside the springs.  Hubby used a saws-all and cut jigs in each corner to allow the curves of the bed frame to fit in snugly against the box spring.  We have always used old waterbed drawers under our bed to set the box- spring on so it was a matter of matching everything together before cutting the wood.

We were surprised that it actually went together as easily as it did.  O.k. it really wasn't that easy, but we finally got it together. ( Only breaking off a small piece of the frame.)


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