Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Marriage Proposal

My son came home from college the end of July.  He planned to spent the next five months living at home and working to save money for his next year of schooling.  At college he had been dating a beautiful, sweet gal from Indiana.  By October he had decided to ask her for her hand in marriage, but he needed a special, cost efficient way to do so. 

He decided that the small green house that sits on the west side of the house could be just the perfect place.  

Cedar 4x4's were placed on the dirt for support.  He then purchased pine planks to screw down on the cedar posts making a sturdy walk-way and an area big enough for a small table and chairs.

After the floor was stained and dry, he and his younger brother raided my stash of vintage linens and hung them strategically, creating a romantic spot for a proposal.

He spent a couple of hours sanding and repainting the old vintage metal patio chairs.  Then rummaged through my material stash to find the right fabric to cover the original, old, ripped, blue vinyl chair seats.

Wanting to hang one of my vintage brass and crystal chandeliers, but deciding the roof wouldn't hold the weight, he attached this wall sconce instead.

A wonderful dinner was cooked and served by his younger brother all decked out in a tuxedo, and a sparkly silver sash and bow tie.

By the way she said, "YES" and we are so excited to add her to our family!

This summer we will hook on our 1965 Vintage Avion camp trailer and head cross country to Indiana for a wedding reception. I can hardly wait!

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