Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Just add a little velvet and tassels

 We moved this couch into my studio and placed it in front of the fireplace.

My old, old orange couch had definitely seen better days,
 but I love my couch.
  It is comfy like only old couches can be,
 and it has beautiful lines and real wooden legs.

The floral patterned upholstery was worn to shreds.
I had to donate my old green 70's couch and chair to the local thrift store when we
moved out of the little red house this past summer
and getting rid of this old couch was just out of the question.

so I rummaged through my stashes of old velvet dresses
and upholstery material

a large curtain valance with tassels could go along the back

now add some long fringe

staple and tuck everything into the crevices

cover the cushions with a long piece of plush velvet
and tack on more tassels

wa la,

It turned out so nice I am covering and old chair in the same mix-matched,
bits and pieces of old velvet dresses, curtains and upholstery.  
When I am done I will have a matching pair of mis-matched furniture.

just finished the chair so I added the pictures to the post

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