Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Sewing Chair

A place to sit while pondering, day-dreaming, and turning bits and pieces
 of ribbon and lace
into  fabric roses and tiny bouquets, trimmed with old doilies and buttons.

A floral heavy curtain for the seat and back.  Fringe from some old worn pillows and a  tea stained  curtain, are wrapped around the base of the chair.  I found this lovely tassel as I rummaged through boxes of mis-matched linens and lace.

The seat lifts up to show a 3 inch deep compartment that hold your sewing supplies, thread, bobbins, pins, and buttons.  I would like a whole set of chairs like this for my kitchen table.  Need a extra fork or plate, just lift the lid........

I should have taken before  photos, ......... I thought I had a glimpse of a picture of it somewhere.  Sure enough, it only shows a little of the back, but you can see the old vintage material.  I am currently working on the matching sewing-machine cabinet, gluing the broken leg back on, sanding and painting, finding hardware, because I stole it for another project.

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