Monday, January 6, 2014

Look what I found!  I purchased these crystal door knobs (3 matching pairs)
over 10 years ago, (I still had the receipt with the date in the bag), and then they disappeared in one of our many moves.  I have hunted and hunted for them and wouldn't you know when I wasn't looking and they were the furthest thing from mind, I open the drawer to my old, old chippy peach dresser and there they were!
Just had to let ya know.

Over the years I have looked for crystal knobs, (because I couldn't find mine) but they have become hard to find, usually not a matched pair, and the price is way out of my budget

Aren't they beautiful

simply opened the drawer to this old dresser and there they were.....
individually wrapped in crinkly brown paper and placed in a plastic bag......
after all these years

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  1. Love the dresser! Love the picture of mom and dad too! :)