Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Vintage Chandeliers

I began collecting the old brass/crystal chandeliers over 20 years ago.  Every time I happened to find one at a thrift store, I would drag it home, screw a large hook into a ceiling joist and hang them up.  Many of them weren't even hooked into a power source, just hanging and sparkling in the sunshine.  I had several high up in the eves of the sun room, over my desk, and even hanging outside in the trees. I have always been fascinated by lighting.  Quirky, vintage, antique, I collect them all.  Many items I sell at the store I work in, Gypsy Mama's, are lamps and chandeliers I have collected over the years. 

When I lived in the "Little Red House"  I had a small chandelier hanging over my office desk in the sun room.

After living in our current rental for a couple of years, we finally took down the nondescript fan light hanging in the bedroom and hung one of my beautiful, sparkling, antique Chandeliers.

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